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FurBabies™ Botanicals

Itchy Paws, Cracked Nose, Tear Stains, Coat Itch, Minor Sores, Paw licking Multipurpose Natural Balm for Dogs & Cats

Itchy Paws, Cracked Nose, Tear Stains, Coat Itch, Minor Sores, Paw licking Multipurpose Natural Balm for Dogs & Cats

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This Multipurpose Balm is for: Dry cracked paws, dry cracked nose, moist smelly wrinkles, lots of skin folds, pets with allergies, tear stains, paw licking/ biting (not behavioural), red jaw acne, red sore scaly skin and as a pet first aid balm. 

Species: Cats & Dogs 

Special Features:

  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION: Our balm is the recommended solution for cats and dogs experiencing paw licking, ear discharge, minor skin irritations, redness, itchy hot spots, or tear stains. The balm is a powerful first aid, skin microbiome-balancing, and skin repair balm. The blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals from carefully selected botanicals provide deep moisturisation, protection, and healing. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and prebiotic effects support a healthy skin microbiome and promote skin repair, making the balm highly effective for treating tear stains, paw licking, and other skin irritations in pets.
  • SKIN MICROBIOME balancing. The multipurpose balm contains pre-biotics to balance the fungal and baterial skin microbiota. Brown staining is caused by yeast overgrowth due to inadequate grooming and red tear stains result from porphyrins (an iron based excreted in urine, tears and saliva). Staining only happens when tears or saliva with porphyrins stay on fur for a long time. Our formulation tackles both these issues by balancing the skin microbiome creating a protective barrier, and kickstarting skin repair.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL properties, two botanicals allow for natural antibacterial, antifugal effects balanced with the skin microbiome balancing effect. This essential food for the skin obliterates overgrowth of harmful bacteria & fungi in the early stages & rebalances the skin flora.
  • VITAMINS, MINERALS & ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Vitamin E: Antioxidant, protects and repairs skin, Vitamin K: Supports skin health. Polyphenols: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Calcium: Supports skin barrier function. Potassium: Maintains skin hydration. Magnesium: Anti-inflammatory. Apigenin: Anti-inflammatory.
  • ANTI-OXIDANTS, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY The formulation has poweful skin calming agents to soothe irritated skin, it also supports the skin's barrier function for long lasting hydration. The formulation also contains quercetin and nimbolide, protecting the skin from free radicals. Flavonoids and carotenoids provide strong antioxidant protection. Rich in vitamins A and E, protecting skin from environmental damage. Contains cinnamic acid which helps reduce inflammation
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN. Veterinary dermatology research informed, the FurBabies Balm is primarily composed of a carefully chosen combination of ingredients. : The carefully crafted blend of Medium Chain Fatty Acid in the butters allow the balm to mimic the skin as closely as possible. Repair of the lipid matrix prevents entry of potential allergens that cause an inflammatory response. The MCFA in the butters make this a temperamental balm which means it adapts to body and room temperature. Allow to soften if it has hardened up. These FA (fatty acids) are important for restoring skin barrier integrity.
  • HUMAN HOUSE DUST MITES tend to accumulate on cats and dog fur as they are not able to shed them as easily as we do. Our formulation suppresses their growth and thus any irritation caused by human house dust mites. Common in pets living in carpeted houses.
  • The NON- FINGER-DIP mode of dispensing means that the products last longer by avoiding bacterial & fungal contamination from our fingers & the environment.

How to Use

SSqueeze a pea-sized amount onto your fingertips, allowing the rich blend to adapt to temperature.   Gently apply on to tear stained area, inbetween the paw webbing, or on any irritated areas on the skin such as skinfolds, along the jaws, back of the tail,, avoiding contact with the eyes and sensitive areas. Wipe away any excess and discharge, leaving your dog refreshed. Repeat once weekly or monthly, depending on the severity of concerns. This balm is free of pore blocking fillers or bulking agents found in many products such as water, wax or paraffin.

For longhaired pets, you may find that applying after separating the hair/fur is more useful. 

Use sparingly as the formulation is quite rich & very small quantities are needed to exert desired effect.

The formulation has powerful skin calming agents to soothe irritated skin, it also supports the skin's barrier function for long lasting hydration.

1 tube can last from 6 months to 1 year depending on how severely damaged your furbaby's skin is.

Safe to use (in fact we recommend it) as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy i.e. if your pet is already on steroids or biologics such as cytopoint or apoquel for example. 

Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes or groin area.

Allow to soften at room temperature if the balm has hardened up & if it has melted allow to cool to a paste. This is a natural behaviour of MCFAs which are important for skin repair.


Kickstart skin repair with this multipurpose skin microbiome and skin barrier integrity reinforcing formula. Soothe itching, scratching, rubbing, pigmentation, licking, biting, yeasty smells, red or tough skin commonly seen around the ears, paws, underbelly, muzzle, armpits, groin area, base of the tail, around the eyes & in between the toes.  Get yours today.

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