About Furbabies™ Botanicals

FurBabies™ Botanicals is a British Pet Skin Care Brand on a mission not only to make pets look radiant & healthy but also to reduce chemical exposure from grooming products and protect pet scent identity which is critical to pet mental health.  Our product formulations (informed by scientific literature), target skin conditions such as itching, patches, dandruff, odours, minor sores etc by primarily protecting & reinforcing the skin barrier. Pet skin is as thin as baby skin (*five times thinner than adult human skin).


We are an ethical clean skincare pet brand with purpose. Our range for small pets is organic, vegan, artificial chemical and filler free. That means no bees or candelila wax, paraffin, water (aqua), mineral oils or any other bulking agents.


Every single ingredient has been carefully selected based on scientific evidence on its efficacy at the optimal concentration & it's impact on the environment. FurBabies Botanicals  compromises. 


Welcome aboard.

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