Here you will find important information pertaining to your products.

Please contact us if you can not find an answer to your questions.

1. Do the products have artificial preservatives or chemicals?

Our products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, phalates, acrylates, mineral oils (paraffin), artificial dyes or colours, artificial fragrances, cocoamide, diethanolamine or butylated hydroxyanisole (to name a few). Our products do not use fillers such as aqua (water - main ingredient in most products) or thickeners such as beeswax or candelilla wax). These chemicals are known to cause a range of medical conditions and allergies in our furbabies. 


2. Do your products contain allergens? My furbaby is sensitive to many things.

Every single chemical has the potential to cause a reaction (there are people who are allergic to water for example). However, the absence or presence of a reaction depends on how reactive or sensitised the immune system is at that point in time. The severity of reaction (mild, severe, moderate or none at all) can vary depending on the presence of other factors that may have already triggered the immune system e.g. seasons, food, outdoor environments. Although we have carefully calculated the concentration of our ingredients so that the potential exacerbate an ongoing allergy is very low, we do recommend that if your furbaby has been diagnosed with severe allergies, you seek the expertise of your vet before using any product. 


3. Will the products make the coat greasy?

If applied as instructed, that is only small quantities, the products are absorbed into the skin fairly quickly. However if you have applied a lot, that is no problem at all, the skin will just take a bit longer to be absorbed. The products hydrate, strengthen and reinstate lost oils due to room/weather conditions or frequent washing/grooming. 


4. Do I have to wash the products off after application?

No, the products are intended to be left on to continue repairing, conditioning, nourishing and protecting the skin barrier and coat.


5. Are there any specific storage requirements? Why are the Paw, Nose & Wrinkle Balm & the Multipurpose Magic Balms melting at warm temperatures and hardening up in cooler temperatures? 

Furbabies Botanicals products should be stored in a cool (room temperature and below), dark place. The products contain ingredients in their natural form (they have not been chemically modified to maintain consistency at all temperatures) and as a result the balms (Paw, Nose & Wrinkle Balm & the Multipurpose Balm) will adapt its consistency depending on body/room temperature. The containers have been deliberately chosen to prevent product degradation and dispense the desired amount and reduce the chances of introduction of microbial contamination from constant exposure and  dipping of fingers (as seen with formulations in pots). Some ingredients such as the butters, also have higher melting points so even though the product has been thoroughly mixed, at warmer temperatures the product may appear separated (depends on how hot the surrounding conditions are), please do not worry, this is completely normal behaviour for the butters.


6. Can the products be used on all fur/breeds/ages? 

Do not use on puppies or pregnant dogs. The products are well suited to various age related or breed specific problems such as tear stains, undercoat knots, matting etc. Brush daily after applying the products to prevent matting. 

Under no circumstances should anything stated here overide the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of individual pet patients, after a consultation with the pet patient and their guardian or carer.


7. When should I not use the products?

We recommend that you always patch test the product as with any grooming product that you buy, to check for reactions. The products are not to be used on pregnant dogs or puppies. Remember to always seek expert veterinary advice and if you see no improvement this may be a sign of a more serious health condition. 


8. What are your delivery times?

We aim to send our packages for next day delivery via FedEx. 


9. How do you ensure that your ingredients are from ethical and sustainable trading?

We are working with our suppliers to ensure that they give us full commitment an assurance that they adhere to animal and human welfare policies through self-certification declarations and supplier reviews. Furbabies Botanicals has  zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. We are also working on making our packaging more sustainable. 


10. How do your products tackle tear stains in dogs exactly? 

There are two types of tear stains. It is important to distinguish between brown staining caused by yeast infections due to inadequate grooming and red tear stains resulting from porphyrins (an iron based excreted in urine, tears and saliva). Staining only happens when tears or saliva with porphyrins stay on fur for a long time. These stains get darker when exposed to sunlight because of the iron they contain. Creating a barrier on the skin & coat to prevent staining is one way the multipurpose balm product works, it also softens smelly clumps of tear stains for easy removal, third the products have antimicrobial effects with skin microbiome balancing effects which tackle any yeast overgrowth or bacterial issues. Our products unlike other tear stain removing products do not work by treating the signs by bleaching but rather by tackling the root cause as best as possible.