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Calming Lavender Skin & Coat Rescue Spray

Calming Lavender Skin & Coat Rescue Spray

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This  product is an anxiety reducing skin barrier restoring topical application that nourishes and replenishes dry skin, softens and conditions.
Why use it
Pet skin is almost 5 times thinner than human skin (think of being as thin as baby skin) and is prone to constant damage from the environment, human house dust mites and products we currently use on them.
Maintaining your pets coat and skin (in the same way we look after ours) helps reduce this damage, prevent entry of bacteria or viruses for example those that cause skin tags or wards. 
Reduce the incidence of skin irritation, vet visits, costs
Luxurious, radiant and sumptuous looking coat.
A mentally & physically happy pet, free from itch & odours. 

Who it's For
All dogs with normal to extra dry sensitive & reactive skin, dry wiry coats, itch, odours, sore patches, bald spots, red patches and hairfall.

Benefits & Claims 
The special blend of ingredients have been carefully selected using veterinary science research to help restore, protect and nourish your pets skin barrier, and keep the skin and coat soft and supple over time.
This formulation is designed to replenish the lipid matrix in the skin barrier & strengthen it. 
Not tested on laboratory animals
Cruelty free.
Selected organic ingredients 
Our products are not bulked with water, wax or paraffin.
Free from artificial chemicals & fragrances

How to Use
Apply on to hand or directly on to your pet's coat, massage and brush.
For longhaired pets, you may find that applying after separating the hair/fur is more useful. 
Use sparingly as the formulation is quite rich & very small quantities are needed to exert desired effect. 

Daucus carota, Lavandula angustifolia Simmondsia chinensis, Cocos nucifera L.  Persea Gratissima

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

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