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Lavender Skin Repair Serum for Itchy Cats and Smelly Dogs

Lavender Skin Repair Serum for Itchy Cats and Smelly Dogs

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A gentle skin repair serum for all dogs: An itchy, dry coat is something that no dog should have to put up with. Overuse of medicated shampoos, environmental conditions and many other aspects can dry out the coat, leaving your four-legged friend in a low mood and anxiety. Our calming lavender serum, created by a veterinarian, addresses these problems head-on and returns the body to its natural equilibrium, here is how:

  • Rich in Essential Building Blocks: The essential fatty acids (EFA) and ceramides found in Furbabies lavender hydrating serum are powerful building blocks to tackle damaged, itchy, and dandruff flakes skin. It lessens the risk of irritants causing allergic reactions by strengthening the skin barrier and decreasing Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Results? An improved fur quality, perfectly healed and hydrated skin, and a painless brushing experience!
  • Microbiome Balance and Odour Control: Is it time to freshen your dog's coat? By balancing the skin's microbiome and preventing yeast overgrowth, our anti-odour serum gets rid of funky smells. It encourages a softer coat, avoids matting, and lessens the need for regular washing.
  • How to use: Just give your hands a couple of pumps of spray, then rub your palms together. Apply the serum to your pet's coat gently, focusing on the back of the tail, under the belly, and the armpits. To make sure your pet has a pleasant application, it's important to keep the genital and eye areas free. To maximize the serum's effectiveness and encourage absorption, brush the product into the skin after application. Depending on the intensity, repeat once a week or once a month.

Benefits & Claims 

The special blend of ingredients have been carefully selected using veterinary science research to help restore, protect and nourish your pets skin barrier, and keep the skin and coat soft and supple over time.

This formulation is designed to replenish the lipid matrix in the skin barrier & strengthen it.

Rich in EFAs and Ceramides.

Not tested on laboratory animals

Cruelty free.


Selected organic ingredients 

Our products are not bulked with water, wax or paraffin.

Free from artificial chemicals & fragrances

How to Use

Apply on to hand or directly on to your pet's coat, massage and brush.

For longhaired pets, you may find that applying after separating the hair/fur is more useful. 

Use sparingly as the formulation is quite rich & very small quantities are needed to exert desired effect. 

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