Meet the Team

Dr. Poonum Wilkhu (MPharm, PgDip, Ph.D Public Health)

Founder at FurBabies™ Botanicals 

Dr. Wilkhu is a veterinary pharmacist, doctor of public health and a pharmaceutical scientist. She has extensive experience working across the NHS, United Nations, World Health Organisation & private sectors. 

FurBabies™ Botanicals is a British Pet Skin Care Brand on a mission to provide relief to pets suffering from allergy related atopic dermatitis. The products are powered by EFAs & Ceramides two building blocks lacking in damaged skin barriers.  

Let our veterinary dermatology informed formulations handle your pet's skin repair journey today. The multipurpose skin serums, balms & shampoos target skin conditions such as itching, patches, dandruff, odours, minor sores.

Not only will your pets look radiant and healthy (passers by will stop to marvel at your pet's coat- 100% guarantee) but they will also benefit from reduced chemical exposure from grooming products. Free from artificial chemicals, beeswax, animal products and fragrances means your pet's precious pet scent identity will not be masked.

We are an ethical vegan clean skincare pet brand with purpose. Our range is also free from bulking agents and fillers such as water (aqua) gum/thickeners, bees or candelilla wax, paraffin, mineral oils which means that only small quantities will be required to exert the desired effect. You can expect a bottle to last 6 months depending on the size of your pet. That is a total of 30 to 60pence/ week. Gentle on your pet's skin & gentle on your wallet. 

Welcome aboard.