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Aches & Pains Dog Massage Oil

Aches & Pains Dog Massage Oil

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The massage oil is infused with a calming and comforting carefully calculated dosage of botanicals which aim to soothe pain & ease muscle tension.  

Why use the dog pain massage oil

  • The botanical blend reduces aches and pains by improving circulation. Inflammation is a major contributor of arthritis pain, and addressing this can lead to increased comfort and decreased pain for your dog. 
  • Our novel formulation works by soothing joint pain and reducing muscle tension, improving range of motion and support muscles.
  • Massages (with the senior dog oil) and daily exercise are very beneficial to dogs with joint or muscle related aches and pains. Our FurBabies Senior Dog Massage oil isn't just any oil but a specific blend of carefully selected botanicals from extensive research of veterinary pharmacognosy therapeutics. 
  • Relaxation: Peppermint's relaxing effect helps senior dogs manage stress and anxiety. A soothing environment created by a light massage encourages emotional health. The unique mixture of essential oils also helps create a shiny coat. Your dog will have vibrant fur and healthy-looking skin. 
  • Improved Mobility & gut action known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, frankincense and arnica combine to reduce pain brought on by ageing.  Ginger and Cedarwood help your dog move more freely by improving joint flexibility and circulation and ease discomfort and promote a healthy, balanced digestive system.
  • Stress management: As with humans, dogs experience higher stress and anxiety due to chronic pain. The Senior Dog massage oil provides a source of relaxation and stress reduction

How to use

Steps for a happier dog: Spray onto hands. Nightly application. Massage onto legs, hips, along the muscles supporting the spine, entire back, and underbelly. Avoid face and neck. Brush and tuck your pet under warm covers. Repeat once weekly and witness your pet's transformation.

Massage using our Senior Dog Formula using gentle touch, circular motion or very light kneading massage in a relaxed environment free from distractions, always following your little one's cues. Enjoy the bonding session.

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