My dog smells

Dogs, like humans have their own natural (pleasant) odour. However due to over washing with shampoos containing SLS, environmental conditions that can dry their coat out, genetics, maternal diet, over use of medicated shampoos that wipe out the good bacteria, dietary issues, the skin microbiome gets imbalanced very quickly. This means that yeast is allowed to grow unchecked causing a whole host of issues other than odour.

You may want to first read our article on  why it is important to protect your pet's scent identity.

Understanding Wet Dog Smell

The "wet dog smell" is a distinctive, musty odour that many dog owners are familiar with. This smell becomes particularly noticeable when a dog’s fur gets wet. Here’s why it happens:


Dogs' coats are home to numerous microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeast. When a dog’s fur gets wet, these microorganisms release volatile compounds into the air, creating the characteristic wet dog smell.

Sebaceous Glands

Dogs have sebaceous glands in their skin that produce oils to keep their coat healthy. These oils can emit a strong odour when wet. Additionally, the oils can trap dirt and other particles, which can contribute to the smell.

Moisture Retention

A dog’s fur is excellent at retaining moisture, which provides an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. The longer the fur remains wet, the more pronounced the smell becomes.

Environmental Factors

Dogs often pick up smells from their environment, such as from rolling in grass, dirt, or other substances. When their fur gets wet, these smells can become more noticeable.


We recommend the Lavender or Rose Skin Repair Serum or the Rose  to tackle this. 

Step 1: Spray a few pumps on to your hands, rub your palms together 

Step 2: Now massage all over your pet, paying particular attention to the armpit area, under belly, back of the tail. Please take care not to get any product into the eye or genital areas. 

Step 3: Brush & work in to skin 

Step 4: Repeat once weekly or once monthly depending on severity. You should start to notice a decrease in yeasty, popcorn odours almost immediately. Effective formulations designed last.