Something special about Donkeys

Donkeys have a strong sense of survival and if they deem something to be dangerous they won't do it. Unlike horses who flee in times of panic or danger, donkeys will freeze.  Donkeys are adapted to desert lands and don't have high food needs. Domesticated donkeys, however tend to be overfed, and as a result develop a disease called 'fever in the feet' which is essentially an inflammation of the tissue linking in the wall of the foot. Overfeeding also results in obesity and hyperlipidaemia. Donkeys, unlike horses do not have waterproof coats so they must have access to shelter. They are very social animals and form strong social attachments which is why they should not be kept on their own. Due to their stoic nature. donkeys don't often show that they are in ill or in pain. Once donkeys begin presenting with dullness, depression or inappetence , that indicates that the they are already in a critical stage. Due to having longer hair, their coats must be groomed and checked physically very often. Let's try and keep our lovely donkeys free, safe and happy as much as we can.
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